There are many new and exciting dental techniques that are making great improvements in giving patients the healthy, functional and beautiful smile they deserve! Everyone is interested in a bright, white smile and modern cosmetic dentistry techniques can quickly give the desired smile effortlessly. Broken or missing teeth can be corrected with crowns (caps) or bridges that are all porcelain and do not contain any metal. This eliminates the dark lines that can form near the gumline. Stained and discolored teeth can be treated with bonding or porcelain veneers, correcting shape and color, producing a brilliant smile in only two visits!

Dr. Boukas also offers completely metal-free filling alternatives that not only look better, but strengthen teeth.

Periodontal (gum disease) has been linked to many systemic disorders including heart disease, stroke and premature birth. I would like you to know about our system for the treatment of periodontal disease called the Soft Tissue Management Program. The program’s goal is to reduce the bacteria that causes gum infections. With special cleanings by our hygienist, we can effectively stop the progression of gum disease in most cases, resulting in significantly less expense and discomfort. We can even replace the lost bone around teeth with artificial substitutes that strengthen and secure teeth.

Another great advancement is Esthetic Tooth Replacement Therapy. All-porcelain bridges have become a reality only in the past few years. They offer dramatically enhanced esthetics, a heightened ability to properly chew food and a confident
smile. In combination with implants, any area that is missing a tooth can be corrected efficiently and with minimal time investment.

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